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Their are 3 types of jobs available at any stop, and every stop will have either one or two jobs that you can choose to take on. Completing jobs will earn you rewards, while not completing jobs will get you injured and possibly killed. The rewards available could be any of the things you need to survive: car parts, med kits, ammo, scrap, food, or money. Every job will label the difficulty of accomplishing the task, so be sure to look before you leap.

Defense[edit | edit source]

One of the locals is trying to sleep at night, but keeps hearing things moving around outside. Your job? To defend them throughout the night. You get set up behind a barrier, and then kill everything that moves. Probably one of the easiest jobs out there, as it just involves killing zombies that are heading right toward you. You don't have to move around or dodge, just pick them off one by one. Just make sure that the reward makes up for the ammo you use doing the job.

Recovery[edit | edit source]

Slightly more difficult, this actually entails you moving towards a target without getting eaten. Your employer had something bounce out of his car as he was driving into town, and he needs you to go recover it. After accepting the job, go ahead and move to the right. The faster you go, the faster you get to where the item was dropped, plus you can move at a slightly faster pace than the zombies after you. If a zombie gets in your way, it's probably easier to take the half a second to just kill it rather than trying to dodge and end up in some other undead's lap by accident.

Bandits[edit | edit source]

This task involves both timing and accuracy. Bandits have taken over a local building, and it falls to you to eliminate them. Similarly to Whack-A-Mole, the bandits pop out and almost immediately retreat. The primary difference is that, unlike moles, the bandits fire at you.

Bandits can only be hit when they are aiming at the player. Any shots that hit bandits in cover will do nothing.

To effectively destroy the bandits without taking damage, one should wait to aim until there are no enemy bullets on-screen. Because of the time taken for the player's bullet to hit its target, the player should fire at bandits who are in the middle of reloading (have recently fired, but have not yet peeked back out to shoot again). To make sure their shots count, the player will need to anticipate when bandits will resurface.

If there are many bandits to deal with, one should wait for the majority of the bandits to fire TOGETHER, so that there is a greater window of safety to line up a shot.

Combat Training upgrades are useful here, especially Faster Bullets; having Faster Bullets will make it easier to hit bandits while they're still aiming at the player. Faster Reload can also be useful.