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The Auto Repair Shop is where you spend money for supplies, repairs, or upgrades. Everything in stock has a price listed next to it, with "Today's Special" shown as the upgrade available for purchase.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

There are several upgrades available throughout your journey. You just need to save up enough money to buy them. The upgrades for your vehicle are attached to the front, top, back, and bottom, with one miscellaneous upgrade added on. Each upgrade purchased will help in your survival. The upgrades are:

Front[edit | edit source]

Nev-R-Break Battery: Batteries never need replacing.
V6.png V6 Engine: Travel faster at the expense of the car.
Cowcatcher: No slow down from rubble.

Misc[edit | edit source]

GPS: Never lose the road.
Yard Sale Sign: Higher chance merchants will come to trade.

Top[edit | edit source]

Armywindows.png Armored Windows: Less likely to get bit by zombies.
Solar Panels: Move slowly while out of fuel.
Carry.png Carrier: Never lose a gas can.
Chainsaw Windows: Automatically succeed when choosing to shoot through zombie hordes.

Back[edit | edit source]

EZ Grow Garden: Generates 1 oz of food an hour.
1-2013-05-17 00011.jpg Ninja Muffler: Automatically succeed sneaking through hordes.
Muffin.png Nev-R-Break Muffler: A muffler that never needs replacing.
Toolchest: Scrap repairs the car more efficiently.

Bottom[edit | edit source]

Rain Tires: No slowdown during rainstorms.
Snow Tires: Makes it possible to traverse blizzards without slowing down.
Tire.png Offroad Tires: No slowdown during sand storms.
Otherwheel.png Sup-R-Last Tires: Less likely for tires to break.
Nev-R-Break Tires: Tires never need replacing.