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The station wagon is one the player's vehicle that carries the party from Washington, D.C. to Safe Haven. Like the party members, it has its own health bar, reflecting the wear and tear experienced during travel. The player can repair the car using scrap, or at a car garage for money.

DLC-Exclusive.png In Final Cut, the player can choose from 6 different vehicle options for their run, including the station wagon

It also has three types of supplies of its own: Tires, Mufflers, and Batteries. Each of these supplies are necessary for the normal function of the station wagon. They break, get broken, stolen, and lost in random events along the journey. If a part breaks without a replacement, you are left stranded to trade until you can acquire a new part.

It can also support up to five upgrades which enhance the car's performance in various ways.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Station Wagons are special sedans with extra space in the trunk. It may have been chosen as a homage to the wagon in the original Oregon Trail.