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Overview[edit | edit source]

Supplies are the various stocks of resources and equipment necessary for a road journey during the zombie apocalypse. The player has time to gather supplies before setting out on the journey to Safe Haven. They are Fuel, Food, Medkits, Ammo, Money, Car Parts (Tires, Batteries, Mufflers) and Scrap.

Food, Ammo, Money, Scrap, and Medkits (with a combat training upgrade) can all be found through scavenging. Car Parts can only be traded for or purchased at a car garage. All supplies can be traded for or earned after completing a job at landmarks.

Food[edit | edit source]

Food is required to keep the party alive. The rate of food consumption can be determined by the player through rationing (Small, Medium, or Large). This controls the rate at which food is eaten, but only large rations avoid health loss through hunger. Putting the party on small rations saves food, but negatively impacts their health.

Medkits[edit | edit source]

Medkit.PNG Medkits restore 30% of a party member's health. They are the only means by which the main character can restore health. They cannot remove a zombie bite from a party member, but they can keep him alive.

Ammunition[edit | edit source]

Ammunition is the bullets used by the player when taking out zombies or bandits. It is crucial for successful scavenging. Each shot with the rifle consumes 1 ammo. They are relatively expendable and are used by the player during scavenging to find other resources.

Money[edit | edit source]

Money is the currency in game used to purchase goods at landmarks. Supplies can also be sold for money at these locations.

Car Parts[edit | edit source]

Car Parts are necessary for the normal operation of the Station Wagon. They often break down during random events, and are replaced from the supply pool. If there are no spare parts and the ones in use break down, the car is inoperable and the party is stranded.

Scrap[edit | edit source]

Scrap is used to repair the car's health during Repairs. In each repair attempt, the player can use anywhere from 1 to 10 scrap to restore some of the car's health. Using more scrap increases the likelihood of a successful repair. In a failed repair attempt, both the time and scrap used are lost.