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The Men Who Wear Many Hats are a small indie group of developers who gather in their free time to make games and push themselves. Their purpose is rapid development so they can gradually build a library of polished and enjoyable games. Accessibility is a large focus for the group which is why they choose to work in flash and Unity. THey try to challenge themselves by making decisions that are "fun" as opposed to "correct", hence their name.

Background[edit | edit source]

They formed as a group of friends who met in an apartment (although this hasn't really changed much) to make games. They started out wanting to make simple free games based on terrible jokes. After that, their game Organ Trail was released for free, and garnered over 600,000 players over the course of the year. The number one request from fans was to port it to mobile, so they ran a Kickstarter, earned 16k and started a company.

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