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Plot[edit | edit source]

After the player is saved by a former priest named Clements, the two band together with a group of fellow survivors and plan to drive to a safe zone located on the west coast. However, Clements is bitten before reaching Washington D.C. and leaves the players and their group with his journal—which explains some of the gameplay—before being mercy killed by the player.

From here, players scrape together their initial supplies and leave Washington D.C. The city is nuked by the military, and the player’s party begins their cross-country drive. Upon arriving at the safe haven in Washington State, players are asked to assist the people inside by collecting gasoline, in order to power the generator that controls the haven’s draw bridge.

Early Game[edit | edit source]

The campaign starts out with you against several zombies as the game teaches you how to shoot (draw a line between your target and you with the mouse.In other words, click your target and drag the mouse to you before releasing) After a few shots are fired and a few zombies dead, you find yourself out of ammo. Just before you're overrun, a nice old man comes to your rescue. He introduces himself as Clements and asks your name in return.


After introductions are made, Clements asks for the names of four friends who could help you two survive. Go ahead and either make names up or insert four of your best friends, whichever you prefer. (Note: Some of you may die)

Naming your Friends

You'll find your friends in D.C. and the only way to get there is with an old beat up station wagon that Clements found on his way to your rescue. Go ahead and follow him as he heads to the right.

Head to the right

Hopping in the car, the next few moments are a nice preview of what you can expect On the Road. Clements breaks his arm, gets dysentery, and at the end of the day, is bitten by a zombie. The car has just enough fuel to make it to D.C., at which point, you'll have to scavenge for more. However, D.C. is completely overrun by the undead, and the government has made a radical decision to blow up the whole city. The radio broadcast dictates that you have 12 hours to pick up supplies(split up between 8:Fuel, batteries, mufflers and tires for the car; Medkits and food for your party; money for the markets you'll come across; and ammo for the zombies and other baddies you'll come across on your journey through the USA.) These supplies will be the premise for your success or failure throughout the rest of the story, although you will be able to pick up more along the way. While your sorting out what you need, Clements volunteers to go get your friends.

Once that's complete, you're ready to begin heading west, where hopefully you'll find a new home(maybe even without any zombies!) But before that can happen, Clements confesses that he was bit by a zombie, and you'll have to put him down. There's a cut scene while you put him out of his misery, and then you're off to Pittsburgh for your first stop. Anything can happen while you're on the road, everything from fog slowing you down, to a herd of deer stampeding after you, and robbers coming along to steal some of your precious supplies. It's all up in the air as to what you'll encounter on the road.

Once in Pittsburgh, you'll encounter your first market, repair shop, and job board.

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